QPTV Presents: Music of the Knights at the Queensborough Performing Arts Center (QPAC)

Scott Coulter was already developing a special show featuring the music of famous English composers who had been knighted by the Queen when he heard of QPAC’s upcoming 50th anniversary. He brought the concept of a Music of the Knights concert to QPAC’s Executive & Artistic Director Susan Agin and proposed to present it in honor of the QPAC anniversary celebration. The idea soon expanded to include the 40 piece Queens Symphony Orchestra with Composer/Conductor Virginia Bond. A dozen Broadway performers cast by Coulter would provide the vocals of the many smash hits created by the Three Knights (Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Paul McCartney). The show played to a sold out audience at the Queensborough Performing Arts Center. The concept, and the performance, was a hit!

QPTV’s broadcast traces the background leading up to the show with remarks from Ms. Agin, Mr. Coulter and the performers, and captures some exciting segments from the performance that afternoon.

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